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We do not want to compete with the big law firms. We want to be a good alternative for a small clientele, delivering experience and world class quality service with a personal touch, looking to serve and protect their business and develop a long-term partnership with each client.

The firm is led by Caio Almeida after more than 20 years working in corporate legal, advising many of the largest corporations in Brazil when working at a traditional law firm in the country and acting as Legal Director and Chief Compliance Officer for Brazil and Americas of global companies in the Energy and O&G sector.

Our primary areas of work will be on litigation avoidance, contract negotiation, Compliance and Legal and Compliance training.

We have great experience in:

- Developing and negotiating complex contractual structures in different countries and cultures, with a pro-deal perspective, aligning business needs to legal knowledge;

- Leading in-house departments and negotiation teams in multiple countries and jurisdictions;

- Working with public sector and regulatory agencies;

- Elaborating, developing, and strengthening compliance programs and trainings, and in leading and conducting corporate internal and external investigations;

- Elaborating, developing, and delivering Legal and Contract trainings for commercial teams.

Having led complex commercial negotiations and disputes not only from a legal position, Caio has a great understand of what clients need. We passionately believe that Legal can add value to the business.

With a small structure and flexible teams always led by Caio Almeida and developed in accordance with client’s needs, our clients will always receive:

- Personal attention;
- Client’s business perspective orientation;
- Hands on approach;
- Compliance driven work;
- Lower hourly rates;
- Flexible pricing structure.


Develop and negotiate contracts and business agreements with a pro-deal perspective, aligning business needs to legal knowledge. Ability and experience to craft clear, concise, and workable business contracts which will last and build lasting relationship.


Proactive preventive measures to avoid business disruption and the costs of litigation; effective avoidance strategies can reduce that risk significantly. Expert negotiation to preserve the business and the relationship with customer. Negotiate with - not against - the other party.


Legal and Contract training for sales and commercial teams. Everyone involved in the negotiation of an agreement needs to have a basic and uniform knowledge and understanding of the main concepts, terms, and pitfalls. Short sessions that can be combined to address specific needs, preferably based on your own templates and guidelines are our expertise. Corporate training is a powerful litigation avoidance tool.


Long experience in the evaluation, development and improvement of ethics and compliance programs, conflict of interest analysis and resolution, due diligence, communications, audits, investigations, monitoring of portfolio company compliance programs. Interim Compliance Management, with a C level expertise and experience with a wide range of compliance activities. Training (blue collar and white collar, including partners, suppliers, and board of directors). Short sessions that can be combined to address specific needs, preferably based on your own policies and guidelines.


Having had the great pleasure to work with Caio for many years, I have been especially impressed with his skill in appreciating both the intellectual challenge and the practical need to achieve a result. Caio’s legal insight and solutions oriented mind together with his profound knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements governing business operations in Brazil were crucial to me when managing a global legal function.

Ralf Lindbäck

Managing Counsel, Dispute, Insurance & Trade Management, Marine at Wartsila Corporation

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Trabalhei com o Caio em um período de extrema complexidade jurídica para a Companhia. Caio sempre atuou de forma técnica, resiliente e construtiva, mesmo sob grande pressão. Do ponto de vista pessoal, é um exemplo de integridade e lealdade.

Luiz Eduardo Carneiro

CEO Sete Brasil

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I had the pleasure to work with Caio in several occasions and in different roles, either he being a customer’s counsel at a law firm, our external lawyer and finally our in-house counsel. In absolutely all the roles, Caio acted with high level of ethics and professionalism, delivered quality work and was a key team player. Caio is solution oriented, focused and never want to take the protagonist in a business negotiation, which I appreciate a lot.

Robson Campos

CEO at Sigdo Coppers Brasil – SKIC

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Caio é um grande profissional, com experiência e liderança na condução de temas que realmente fazem a diferença no dia a dia de uma corporação! Visão analítica e atuação estratégica criam soluções integradas que moldam resultados positivos!

Vander Giordano

Vice Presidente Institucional da Multiplan

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Tive a oportunidade de trabalhar com o Caio na negociação de um importante contrato no qual cada um de nós representávamos uma parte e a postura e conhecimento técnico dele durante toda negociação foi fundamental para a conclusão da negociação.

Claudia Hesse

General Counsel at Enauta Energia S.A.

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During the time I was the Chairman of Wartsila Brazil I interacted with Caio and he always produced professional, timely and high quality work. I really enjoyed working with Caio and always trusted on his work products.

Tomas Ronn

CEO at Quant Service

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During the last years, I worked with Caio in developing several energy projects in Brazil. As our Legal Advisor, Caio was always able to bring considerable expertise that enabled his colleagues to succeed in very complex contract negotiations. He is a great professional with real business-oriented mentality, that can bring a value to any organization.

Jorge Alcaide

Energy Business Director South America and Managing Director at Wartsila Brasil

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